Spring's sudden shift into summer is a tricky one isn't it? And let's be honest, we've all kind of been catapulted into August-level intensities wonderfully prematurely this year haven't we (NOT complaining in any way over here, btw) - cue ALL sorts of what-to-wear, I-hate-EVERYTHING meltdowns, ammi' right? I honestly think I've only really felt like I've got the whole dressing for it thing even remotely true to me within the last couple of years. The whole turning-30-and-things-shift vibe really has proven true for me, in more ways than just how to dress yo'self (don't believe the myth that stylists always know how to look chic af all the time - we damn well wobble on 'but which damn shoe/earring/jacket/but does this reaaaally go, tho'' probs on the reg, too. Trust.

Simply put, I say stick to your silhouette. The shapes, fits, cuts and colours you've been wearing for the longest winter of all of our lives? Still gorgeous in summer FYI, with a few inevitable seasonal shift-ups. We feel great in those said components & combos for a reason lovelies, so why in the name of all things sensible would we wear the complete opposite in the season where we are inevitably more conscious? Just sayin'.

Those who know and follow me know I'm a sucker for a neutral, a magpie for absolutely anything nude, a total taupe-on-taupe, gimme-tonality obsessive, whatever the season. And at the minute, I'm literally a walking talking beige + billowy white thing mannequin, and I'm SO HAPPY. And gorgeously comfortable, FYI, because my fav type of 'waist' is having a moment, and let me tell you, paperbag/high waisted & tied types are THE ONE. Add a mule, slider, barely there & switch up the blouse/t-shirt/great fitting vest combo + gold jewels to suit the occasion, and bam. Literally a combo fit for all conundrums in my world rn. 

Trousers | H&M
Blouse | H&M
Mules | River Island (old - similar here)
Necklaces | TwinFace Jewellery
Earrings | Mango
Sunglasses | RayBan

The above outfit pic was taken on the most glorious trip to the Cotswolds with the beauties at Bird PR - along with babes AliceLauren and Carlie. It was my Sunday lewk, but I've also worn it in the evening with a low-key heel, multiple mascara coats and a glossy lip, popped on a perfect white & Other Stories tee, 90s sunnies, slider and denim jacket for weekday meetings, and will absolutely sport some sort of variation on the next city + far-flung trip I take. See where I'm going with this?

This summer, make like me and buy a coupla' pieces I DARE YOU not to wear for, hmmmmmmm....Eva.

And because I've basically scoured the internet for clients and BFFs* anyway - below is a round-up of my fav white & beige bests (+ a little extra outfit inspo <3) .

*me. Let's not lie, ME.

Sunglasses | Cutler & Gross
Vest | H&M
Necklace | Missoma
Trousers | Warehouse
Bag | Alienina
Mules | Mango 

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