(Clockwise from top left)
Jumper | River Island
Watch | Abbot Lyon
Choker | Are You Am I
Bracelet | COS
Jumper | H&M
Playsuit | H&M
Boots | River Island
Trainers | H&M
Bracelet | River Island
Heels | ASOS
Scarf | River Island

Happy Sunday lovers. Let's all just be away with this ruddy RAIN today and go shopping. Online, obvs, whilst in our j-jams spooning peanut butter from the jar. Dream. Anywho...With the whispering of the new season everywhere, I'm looking for just a couple of pieces to add a little lightness, a touch of some of the trends to come and definitely, absolutely something blushed and dare I say it, pink-ish to my current winter wardrb' (more on that soon, it's THE palette du jour). So feminine, so pretty, and ridiculously chic when added to an existing wardrobe of denims, blacks and greys.

And I'm guessing everyone (including me) is on a little bit of a budget right now, huh? No probs. An accessory will do. Rose gold and copper accents are set to overtake gold for summer, and a choker will make ANY look instantly Instagram worthy. The Are You Am I (an LA brand behind mega blogger muse Rumi Neeley) Lilou is a teeny piece of leather perfection I've wanted since way before Christmas, and those powder pink ASOS pumps are just made to be worn with frayed denims, a tan and deffo tone-on-tone grey.

Treat yo'self. It's January, the most utterly depressing and deflated month of the entire year. So just ONE new season treat, I promise, will make you feel oh. So. Good.

Hope it's the laziest, cosiest day, happy shopping!

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  1. This is cute...I love the suggestions, completely my style. I really want a lace up jumper so hopefully will be a bit richer at the end of the month and can treat myself ❤️

    Lacey xx


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