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Basics. Staples. Those capsules that, when we truly consider their absolutely essential deliciousness, in an instant make us feel most like our favourite version of 'us'. These are the golden pieces I always find myself appreciating all the more when we're just on the cusp of a new season of fashion funs. I know I'm not the only one who can go school-girl silly over the dreaminess of a designer's latest street-style-coined must-have, and not be able to concentrate at work (soz), or at all, in fact, in life because I'm imagining up outfits I JUST, LIKE, MUST OWN NOW entirely around it/them. So it's all too easy to get carried away, buy into too many trends and kind of lose yourself and the style that makes you 'you' along the way. I've been there and definitely done it; worn pieces that are a little outside of myself and my style for the fear of being too samey, too simple. But that's the beauty of personal style. It's personal. The outfits of ours we remember and adore the most will absolutely always be the ones we felt most comfortable in. And that's not the slipper-related sort; someone's Mom jean, silk shirt and white kicks-kinda comfort is akin to someone else's tone-one-tone, contour-hugging, Kim K kind. So I've learned, via many a fashion nuh-uh, that as soon as you curate yourself a wardrb' of items that seamlessly work together, that are essentially season-less, the introduction of every new season of fresh fashion is just so much more fun. You're just modernising an already incredible edit, bringing your look into the now if only with the littlest addition.

My go-to's right now? Every piece in this post. It's chuffing freezing for a start, so buttery-soft, faux-fur lined, Whistles biker-y leather layers are just dreamy, and oversized neutral knits with INSANE sleeves and a swing I just love are utter perfection. I've had this jacket for about 4 years now, and the investment I so vehemently justified to myself at the time has proved to be my best yet. This style was a one off, but check thisthisthis and this for last-forever leather love (slightly oversized, for me, is always best. Try one or two sizes above your own for that slouchier, on-the-shouler silhouette). And the knit? Totally still available in store, but not online, so scour your nearest Toppers asap, and take a look at these (knitknitknit) equally as delish nudes. Denim wise, I've been over skin-hugging for a while, favouring a more retro fit in the form of a Mom or a so hot-right-now 90s straight. Equally as at home paired with my old, old velvet (VELVET!) ASOS ankle boots and a classic pointed pump for night, I love the laid-back spin they lend everything.

Of course I've got a new season list of 'needs' as long as my arm (check my previous posts here and here for a little around where my SS16 head is at), but when it's -20 and I can't even bear to bare an ankle, let alone flounce around in spring's frothy ruffles and go-to-bed silks, that set of seasons-old capsule treasures, to me, is everything.

Leather Biker | Whistles
Jumper | Topshop (old, in store only, try here)
Jeans | ASOS
Boots | ASOS (old, try thesethese and these)
Bag | River Island (old)

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